Join with us in person for one of our gatherings

Let's Get Together!

You're invited to join us live at our Sunday Live Stream Recording, Worship Night or Bible Study. While abiding by all the current restrictions related to COVID-19, this will be an opportunity to participate in community and in worshiping God together.

Sunday Live Stream Gatherings - Sunday's at 9:30am

Worship Nights - 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 6:00pm

Bible Study + Traditional Worship - Wednesday's at 7:00pm

***Please aim to arrive and check in a few minutes early. If we have open spaces at the time the gathering begins, your seat may be forfeited to walk-ins.

Pre-Registration Links


Why do I have to Pre-Register?

Physical distancing has limited the capacity of our auditorium. Plus, in keeping with instructions from the province of Nova Scotia, we are collecting contact information for all persons attending our gatherings. Names will be checked at the door, and if the need arises, this list will be used by the province for contact tracing.

How do I check-in?

Upon arrival, proceed to the check-in table in the lower or upper lobby. If there is a lineup, wait your turn while using the floor markings to help maintain physical distancing. Announce your name to the volunteer, who will then confirm your name on the registration list. Hand sanitizer will also be offered (available at the check-in table and at dispensers in the lobby), or you may choose to wash your hands in the washroom with soap and water instead.

Do I have to wear a mask?

As we are considered a 'public space' masks are required for all in-person gatherings as per government restrictions. There are exemptions which can be found on the NS Government website.

How do you do social distancing?

In accordance with provincial guidelines, we are requiring physical distancing of at least six feet. This includes during arrival and departure, when distancing rules are most likely to be forgotten. This does not apply to people within a "friends and family bubble", but do not automatically assume that others consider themselves within your "bubble". Be respectful of the space of others and allow them to maintain physical distancing. You will find markings along the floor at check-in as well as tape sectioning off every second pew to allow for proper distancing.

There’s something powerful about coming together as the Church, so even with some extra hurdles right now, it’s well worth it. Thank you for your patience as regulations and practices continue to evolve. We look forward to gathering together with you to worship!