ROCKSTORY is a 4 week journey designed to help you discover God's purpose for you. He's led you to this point and wants to join your story with ours and others by Knowing God, Growing in Community, Discovering Purpose, and ultimately Making a Difference in someone else's story.

ROCKSTORY takes place monthly on four consecutive Sundays, starting with MY CHURCH on the 1st Sunday of the month. We invite you to jump in at any time!

ROCKSTORY takes place in the Mezzanine of our Family Life Centre immediately after the service. 

  • 1 | MY CHURCH | February 3  |  REGISTER HERE

    My Church" is a monthly lunch event for anyone considering Rock as their home church or looking to get more involved.  This event, held the first Sunday of every month, right after our service provides a clear road map, complete with the next steps for your continued engagement with the Rock Church family.  We will share our history, what we believe and why, and you will have the opportunity  to join some of our staff and other leaders for lunch.  

  • 2 | MY CREW | FEBRUARY 10

    My Crew is all about learning what it means to know God and grow in community. You’ll learn about the essential habits of a believer and how being connected to a community encourages you to grow.


    In My Purpose, you will discover how God uniquely created you with a purpose. You’ll take personality and spiritual gifts assessments to determine your uniqueness and learn how you can serve others in the way God designed.

  • 4 | MY PLACE | FEBRUARY 24

    In the final step of ROCKSTORY, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get connected to the Servant Leaders Team here at Rock - based on your personality and spiritual gifts.