Connect Groups meet without a specific focus, other than shared connection and relationship building. 

  • DOUCETTE (Bill & lorraine) 

    Sundays at 6PM (bi-weekly)
    Lower Sackville

  • AYRES (kevin & Maria) 

    Sundays at 6PM (bi-weekly)

    Clayton Park

    *Spanish Speaking Group

  • DOUCETTE (Jim & Bev)

    Saturdays at 6PM (bi-weekly)

    Stonemount Subdivision, Lower Sackville

  • FULL - yeADON, graham & sharon

    Sundays at 6PM (bi-weekly)
    Hammonds Plains


    Sundays at 6PM (bi-weekly)
    Lower Sackville

    *Kitchen Party style group with fun, singing, and worship.

    Lower Sackville (at the church)

  • VALDRON, Doug & connie

    Sundays at 6PM (bi-weekly)

    Stonemount Subdivision, Lower Sackville

    *Couples Cafe - A group for engaged and young married couples who would like to connect over coffee and dessert to talk about practical topics of interest.

  • THOMPSON (jason & Rachel)

    Sundays at 6PM (bi-weekly)

    Middle Sackville

    *Family Connect Group


    Tuesday at 1PM (bi-weekly)

    Rock Church Pastor's Lounge

    *Ladies' Connect Group

  • FALCAO (jesiel & patricia)

    Tuesday at 7PM

    West Bedford

    *Portuguese Speaking

  • PARISSI (Angel & DENISE)

    Thursday at 7PM


    *A group dedicated to studying God's Word, fellowship and ministering to each other's needs. 

    **Spanish translation available

  • SHANNON (Daniel & joanna)

    Friday at 6PM (bi-weekly)


    *A potluck style gathering focused on building relationships with young families and their children (children 6 years and under). 

  • MORTON (Dave & Kerry LEE)

    Saturday at 7-9 PM (bi-weekly)


    *An informal “Open House” style group to help you meet new people and connect on a deeper level.

  • Collier, Phyliss - "support for employment seekers"

    Location and Time TBD

    Being unemployed can be a lonely journey. This group will allow you to join up with others on the same path in a supportive environment. Please email Phyliss for details.

  • baurle, gail .   "Retirement home ministry"

    Monday at 7-8PM (3rd Monday of every month)

    Ivany Place, Bedford

    This group will meet to minister to the residents of Ivany Place.


    Friday at 7PM

    Stonemount Subdivision, Lower Sackville

    This group will provide an opportunity for families to come together to relax, play games, share with one another and build relationships.

  • BROWN, andreen & tui tong, aileen

    Sunday at 6PM (bi-weekly)

    Larry Uteck

    A Bible study/discipleship group that will also participate in community outreaches (for young women up to age 45).

  • currie, ken & sally

    Sunday at 6PM (bi-weekly)

    Windsor Junction

    A group that will focus on practical ways to reach out to people who haven't yet committed to Christ - loved ones and people in the community.

  • habermehl, dwight & kristen

    Sunday at 7PM


    Our focus will be on practical conversations combined with prayers of faith surrounding the topic of raising our children. (Adults only - nursing infants welcome)

  • Pottle, rob & stephanie

    Sunday at 6PM

    Middle Sackville

    A family connect group for families with children to spend time together participating in various activities.

  • Jobb, Mark & Suzanne  -  "RESTORE"

    Thursday at 7PM (weekly)

    Rock Church

    A safe place to sort out life’s clutter and help those struggling with baggage. We have worship time and gender-based small groups .

  • BENWELL, julia  - "The nest"

    Saturday (once a month) at 9AM

    This group is to provide support to those struggling with infertility. Please e-mail Pastor Julia directly if you would like to attend.