#21DAYS (May 2-22, 2019)

#21DAYS is a journey of prayer designed to prioritize our relationship with God and focus our attention on what matters most. As we kick off our 3rd season of the year, I can't imagine a better way to get started than to refocus our lives onto the priorities that are most important to the Lord. We can get so caught up in the hectic pace of life and before we know it, our devotional lives are sadly lacking. I encourage you to join in on this journey of prayer and use it to strengthen your faith, grow your relationship with the Lord and be intentional about spiritual formation. You won't regret it. 

There are a number of ways you can engage your prayer life during the #21DAYS. One which I am recommending is using the pattern of the Lord's Prayer to have a daily time with the Lord. There are others as well. You will find those here.

This #21DAYS doesn't have a daily prayer guide as we do at the beginning of the year. In many ways, it's more of a self-directed personal journey. We've posted some resources we believe will help you through the journey here.

One final note: This #21DAYS isn't focused on fasting; however, if you feel so inclined, by all means, feel free to fast one or more days. My heart for all of us is to develop the heart of seeking the Lord first in everything. 

God bless you on this journey!

Pastor Chris